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Seven Deadly Style Sins

At times, we all make fashion mistakes and that’s allowed. But when you’re a serial offender, we may have a problem on our hands, or feet, or head… We’re going to give you a few tips that will make sure you’re never investigated by the fashion police again!

1. Pattern Overload. Too many patterns is always a no-no. The odd stripey socks and polka dot tie is allowed, but no paisley print tie, polka dot shirt and striped socks!

2. Bad Fit. Now slim fit ankle grazing jeans are pretty hot, but wide leg ankle swingers are definitely not something you want to be remembered for. A saggy pair of jeans just gives ones impression: scruffy. Now unless it’s scruffy-chic you’re aiming for, buy the right size! If you make sure your suit fits you right, you’ll be sure to grab the rooms attention.

3. Not Dressing For Your Body Type. Guys, sometimes fashions come in and although we love them and desparately want to be wearing it too, sometimes it just looks plain wrong. Deep V tee shirts on a skinny body, plain wrong (not that a deep V neck tee shirt is ever right). Biggest mistake wearing clothes that are too tight, no one wants to see rolls bulging over tight trousers.

4. Designer Labels. We all love a brand, but head to toe obvious branding is a bit lame no?

5. Matching and small details. Belt and shoes should always be of the same colour tone. Don’t be that guy that wears a black bag, tan shoes and tan belt, with a navy blue suit. Keep it matching, keep it classy. HOWEVER, double denim, do not match.

The small details will set your outfit off and adds character – a simple gold ring, matching gold cufflinks and a gold buckled belt, added to compliment a sharp suit will always show you think of the smaller details and that’s what fashion is basically all about!

6. Colours. Black, grey, tan, navy are all staple colours a guy should own. Although ‘plain’, they make well for formal occasions outfits and can always be dressed up. Always dress in a colour that compliments your skin tone.

7. Quantity Over Quality. Having three cupboards stuffed with uninteresting variations of the same clothes is absolutely useless. A lean wardrobe of a few key pieces to make sure you look top notch will always win. Don’t go for loads of the same thing, especially if it’s boring, bland and unflattering!

Fashion faux pas, circa 1970s.  Photo from the collection of Angelica Paez.

Fashion faux pas, circa 1970s.

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