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25 Creepy But Priceless Face Swaps

Gotta love a face swap, here’s the best we’ve found so far:

1. 50 M&M’s

50 M&Ms

2. The Antichrist

OMG... what is that thing?

3. Baby Bush

17 Extremely Funny Face Swap Pictures |DasHing Hub

4. The Brutals

5. Daniel Babe

Celeb face swap

6. I don’t even know….

This little girl's eyes and this chicken's eyes

7. Judy DENCH

8. Belly Splash

This Olympic diver

9. Nicki Mirage

10. Cod eye

11. Smutt Romney

get your mitts off that girl

12. Floundering about

fishermen heads

13. Not sure how I feel about this…

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie facewap

14. Judy Craig

Skyfall: Daniel Craig and Judi Dench

15. Giant Baby!! Look at that dribble…

16. Nicholas Cage getting his Sasha Fierce awwwnnn

17. Give it some pout Drake, love it.

18. What a bit of makeup can do aye?

19. Pimpin’ aint E Z

20. That dog is more terrifying as a human!

21. Bey Z

22. They say dogs look like their owners, right?!

This dog and this lady

23. Definitely wouldn’t want to bump into this on a walk…

24. Loving that bikini

25. Last and definitely the most terrifying…

Fat boy


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