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Missing Andy: Styles of Choice

Missing Andy talk us through their fave styles from the Autumn Winter 2014 Base London Collection, what they look for and their personal style suggestions…


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9d51816f-6733-4236-9012-1ce736e56ed1Want an all purpose, multi tool of a shoe on the rack? I look no further than the Crescendo! I own a few pairs of these simply because I wear them so much. Some would say they’re a little on the plain side of what Base London has to offer, but this is its secret weapon. When you have a pair of jeans on, they look nice and casual and are perfectly good enough if you decide to take the afternoon into the night. Should you want to wear them with a smarter outfit, they’re just as acceptable in a posh arena. What’s most appealing is, they’re so damn comfortable!! The streets will get tired before you do. The only thing they will never work with, is shorts ha ha – so be sure buy some Spam from the Fish ‘N’ Chips Range!


The other foot weapons you need in your arsenal, in my opinion, are the Eton Waxy Camo designs. They look superb and once again, they work with so many outfits. Either out for a social, or dressed up a notch for a bigger occasion! They will give you the edge over any of the city plebs and shoreditch try-hards.

Just don’t leave them in a bush, you’ll lose them!





For me, style is about how you feel, how you want to express yourself and keeping things new and fresh. Having different and diverse looks, yet maintaining and individual identity is key. 

That’s why I love the new Base London range. They offer a different sense of style for all walks of life yet still find a sense of instant, recognisable identity. One day you may want to relax and chill and have a cool, casual look, or another day you may want to feel the boss, look sharp and smart. Whatever you want to wear, the new range offers you that choice and allows you to make a bold statement. 

A particular favourite of mine are the Paprika Waxy Black shoes. They just ooze class and really put the cherry on top (or bottom) of the cake. A great way to complete my look. 




I see style as an extension of my creativity, every day I turn to my wardrobe and dress for the job ahead.  Whether I’m throwing on some Fish ‘n’ Chip casuals for the easy day or suiting and booting dressed to impress, the new Base London range has me covered! A particular favourite of mine at the moment are the Anglo Waxy Brown, for me they are the perfect balance of smart/casual for all scenarios. The trainer like sole offering comfort, whilst the brogue finish maintains a sharp look. If you leave the house wearing these bad boys, whatever the day throws at you or wherever you end up, you’re guaranteed to have a pair of shoes that suits the occasion.  A must for all blokes wardrobes.





A great pair of shoes makes all the difference when you’re trying to complete a look.  When I’m going for everyday, casual, you can’t beat Spam 2 from the Fish n Chips range. They’ll get you to where you’re going in comfort and without looking like a tramp!  But when going for something special I’m all about Sew Burnished Brown, a classic formal brogue that doesn’t disappoint.  Sexy and smart is what Base London do best.




I’m a bit of a closet stylist. If something clashes I’m the first to say, and I’m happy to. It’s for the greater good. If it’s comfortable and looks good though, I’ll make it work, it’s all in the details. A great cap or pair of shoes can rescue a lot of looks.

I put shoes on, and if they hurt my feet, they’re coming off. I love to get mileage out of a good pair of shoes so comfort is the most important thing to me. I’ve got slouchy as I’m getting older and the first place you feel it is your feet.

The Base London brogues are first class, they’re what drew me to the brand. I ruined my favourite pair at a festival last year and it ruined my summer. When I wanna look smart and quirky, there’s nothing better. Loving the Woburn range at the minute – a great classic style from Base.






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