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Get The Look: A Hard Day’s Night


The Beatles are an inspiration to many, their music has been all over the world and as much as we remember all their greatest hits, we often forget how brilliant and original their style was in the early days. The chic suits, the skinny black knit ties, the zip up boots, the mod hair cuts. It was an era full of style and The Beatles totally encompassed all that was.

What We Love

  1. Each piece can be worn a million different ways. Their style is an ‘outfit-born-out-of-wardrobe-essentials’ look. Chances are you already have some or even most of what’s on this ’60s style check list and if you don’t have each of these pieces, it might be worth the investment. Remember quality rules when it comes to buying staple pieces like a blazer, good pair of formal shoes and leather belt.
  2. It’s a timeless look. All classic items that won’t be a waste of money.
  3. You’ll look like a member of The Beatles, in the early days. Definitely something to aspire to.

Now all you need is the cool, laid back, artsy-musician vibe to go with the look.

Want to try pull it off? Check out these key pieces:

The Flat Capimage1xl (1)

The Slim Fit Suit


The Black Knit Tieimage3xl

The Zip Up Boot765f13ec-c318-4b54-85f0-a0ea77f9faa8

The Classic Chelsea Boot9e596ff4-c3d4-4657-b864-8de5bbb3c078

The ’60s Barnet



Want to take a look at some other styles? Check out the Base London Store, here.


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