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Wedding Season: Surviving The Stag Do


Your stag do is going to be one of the scariest, saddest, most hilarious, heart-rendering, emotional time of your life. In the eyes of your pals it’s a time to go all out in the name of banter. Naturally, the best way to get over the emotion of it all is to strip the groom, write ‘insert here’ near every orifice, chain them to a lamp post and probably leave themĀ there for the next few days. No wonder the primary concern for the groom is how to go about surviving the stag-do.

This is why we’ve come up with a few top tips to make sure you come out the other side in one piece. Hopefully.

1. Plan ahead. Make sure your best man has a rough idea of who, what, where and when. It probably won’t be anything what you had it mind. It’ll be better.

2. Make sure one of your mates knows how to put you in the recovery position.

3. Tactical chunder. Always a winner. Comes in right at the point you thought you couldn’t drink anymore of the dirty pint your mates had kindly made for you.

4. We all know you’re probably going to end up chained to something. Write down an emergency locksmiths number on your arm – your clever mates won’t be so clever when they can’t figure out how you got home so quick

5. Stripper? Bit of a tough one… you can either be a man and not tell the soon-to-be-mrs, but obviously not let it go too far. OR, you can pass it on to one of your mates that could do with a little mischief. Bringing the dad will also keep it PG rated. Unless your dad’s the dark horse of the family, then you’re in for a treat…



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