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Godzilla (2014): Fearsome Beast or Selfless Saviour?




Last night, I finally got to see Godzilla (3D). Worth the wait. The editing, the 3D, the CGI, the pace, the story line, the realism, the detail, the direction. An absolute triumph by Gareth Edwards, each set-piece is a masterpiece and the realism of the film is truly gripping.


Before I wandered into the cinema, I was a little apprehensive in thinking, this could be a major flop.Yeah the CGI could be great, but what if it’s cheesey, or boring? I mean there hasn’t been much media chatter about it, but maybe that’s a good thing. However, I waited to make a decision after I’d actually watched the film and I’m glad I did just that. Right from the open, the film had my full attention. Creepy redacted text creates an authenticity in the opening credits, swiftly moving into the opening scene in the Philippines. A perfect pace and story-line, to leave no room for bored or wandering minds.


Gareth Edwards, Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham are clearly a dream team as the whole film flows together beautifully. The brains of this film completely switch up any preceding thoughts or opinions regarding the story of ‘Godzilla’. A refreshing look on how stories can be twisted, and shows us how they are mostly told in the same dull way, which opens up your mind to a different way of viewing things. Maybe ‘not taking everything what you are told as fact’ is the moral of the story. Or maybe they just wanted to make their own mark on a true classic.


Anyway, I definitely recommend Godzilla (3D for sure!), even if you girlfriend really isn’t the Sci-Fi/Thriller type, I can assure you the CGI alone will keep her entertained! The ending? Bit of a cliffhanger, made me sad that it was the end.




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